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File Found

2009-06-08 02:30:07 by bryce6969

i found the file but most of it was erased.

aw man.....

2009-06-07 22:56:08 by bryce6969

the file to the the flash was lost and my flash 5 thing wont open to let me make another one. i will try to find the file, but till then, there isnt gonna be my mario flash cartoon.

good news guys!!

2009-06-07 13:29:36 by bryce6969

the first half of the flash is done. but i need 2 more ppl to voice for characters.

Hey Everyone!

2009-06-06 21:41:10 by bryce6969

be on the look out for my new flash coming soon. its called The othe life of Mario. it should be done in about 30 days. hope u like it.

Hey Everyone!

the elections

2008-10-17 21:54:22 by bryce6969

The elections are going on and only Obama and Mccain are left. who do you think should be elected?

the elections


2008-10-05 02:37:32 by bryce6969

The gas prices r going up and up! and, pretty soon, its gonna be too much for any body!
So, wat would u do to reduce the gas prices? (please comment)



2008-10-05 02:32:24 by bryce6969

U know that hurricane that happened in Texas? Well, i would just like for u to think of those who were lost in that terrible tragedy. Please, think of them.